How to remove ThinkPoint Virus

ThinkPoint is a new virus that can pop up on your computer that resembles a virus scan program.  It will usually come up after a system reboot and will appear to start scanning your computer.  It will take over your whole screen so that you look like you cannot close it and have no options but to purchase the program and let it scan.  Do not purchase this program – it is bad.  ThinkPoint is spyware.  Fortunately removing it is easy.  Here is how:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard to bring up the Task Manager.  Look under the Proceses tab for a process running called Hotfix.exe.  Highlight Hotfix and then click the button to End Process.  The Think Point program should end and your normal desktop should start to appear.

After you have your normal desktop back up, go online and download the program Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (can be downloaded from  After downloading this program, make sure to click on the Update tab and check for any updates.  Run the program using the Quick Scan option.  When it is complete (typically takes about 15 minutes), Malwarebytes will notify you of the problems it has found.  Click on the Remove Selected button.  Restart your computer.